_TITLE_Anne Silver

Anne Silver is an American photographer/writer living in Paris with her French sweetheart. In her former life, she spent many years as a professional psychotherapist, which has informed her approach to making photos filled with intimacy and a hint of longing. Anne is someone who has always made art, dabbling in collage, assemblage, painting, and of course, photography. Art is a means of catharsis and self-expression, a powerful vehicle that facilitates healing and self-awareness. She recently came to instant photography after spending a couple of years immersed the creation of digital photographs; which ultimately left her wanting something that seemed more authentic and reflective of her vision. Instant photography has been a revelation for her, like coming home or falling in love. It feels endlessly creative, full of possibility, and deeply satisfying. Anne’s work has been described as romantic, poetic, ethereal, sensual, and intimate. 


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