_TITLE_Manuela Mela MilaniManuela Mela Milani

Mela was born into an artistic family. Her mother was a painter, and Mela followed in her footsteps. She became a
teacher of art of photography and graphic design, and then a painter for a while after breaking her camera. Finally she has come back to her first love, photography. A dear friend, and teacher Marco Ragana, taught her to love instant film. Mela says “I’ve always had an ambiguous relationship with photography, I don’t try at all, it has called to me, like a demon, I can’t control it, I only give in.”
This photo is a double exposure. She loves to create these, just to see what happens. She says “I like to play, to create surreal situations: from magnificent dreams to disturbing travel. This will be Mela Manuela’s first year with the 12:12 Project.

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